Welcome! Professionally, I am a computer engineer and technical business leader. Personally, I am a technology enthusiast and nerdy dad hoping that my homebrew doesn't explode in the garage. I love to learn, experiment, and build.

You can find links to my profile on various social media sites on my personal homepage, located here.

Some things that I currently do:

  • Run the GNU Radio project, which is an open-source design toolkit for signal processing and wireless communications.
  • Serve as President of The GNU Radio Foundation, Inc., which manages the resources that support GNU Radio.
  • Maintain Powerlevel9k, a framework for making your terminal more awesome.
  • Lead the development of SigMF, a metadata format for describing digital recordings of signals.
  • Member of the FOSSi Foundation Committee on Licensing, which is working to create open-source licenses for digital designs (e.g., FPGAs, ASICs).
  • Lead Organizer for the GNU Radio Conference.
  • Work as a Product Manager at Ettus Research, where we make software-defined radio hardware and software.

Some things I used to do:

About this Site

As the tagline reads, this is my personal blog. There isn't much of an over-arching theme other than being my soapbox.

The site itself has been through a number of iterations, going back to ~2007 when I self-hosted it on a VPS with Wordpress. It is now hosted by the Ghost Blogging Platform.

Note that I do use referral links in some posts to help cover the cost of the site. So far, I have made precisely zero dollars doing this, but who knows, maybe one day I'll earn enough to at least buy a pint.

I Am Not A Lawyer

If you ended up here, it's likely because I'm providing a disclaimer in a post. Namely, that I'm not a lawyer. I have absolutely no law background, and you really shouldn't trust anything I say regarding legal matters.

I did read a bit of state legal code, once. It was awful, but I did manage to get myself out of that traffic ticket, so, I suppose it was worth it. Maybe.

Anyway, you should definitely consult a lawyer if you have any actual questions.

Secure Comms

You can find my public PGP key here: https://bhilburn.org/pgp-key/

You can also find me on Keybase: https://keybase.io/bhilburn