Welcome! Professionally, I am a computer engineer and technical business leader. Personally, I am a technology enthusiast and nerdy dad hoping that my homebrew doesn't explode in the garage. I love to learn, collaborate, and build new & wonderful things.

You can find links to my profile on various social media sites on my personal homepage, located here.

Some things that I currently do:

  • Founding Board Member of the Open Research Institute, with Michelle Thompson and Bruce Perens.
  • Director of Engineering at DeepSig, where we are working on applying deep learning to signal processing and radio communications in fun, new ways.
  • Run the GNU Radio project, which is an open-source design toolkit for signal processing and wireless communications.
  • Serve as President of The GNU Radio Foundation, Inc., which manages the resources that support GNU Radio.
  • Creator / Maintainer of Powerlevel9k, a framework for making your terminal more awesome.
  • Lead the development of SigMF, a metadata format for describing digital recordings of signals.
  • Member of the FOSSi Foundation Committee on Licensing, which is working to create open-source licenses for digital designs (e.g., FPGAs, ASICs).
  • I mill about in other open-source groups, such as Mil-OSS, The OSI, and SPI.
  • Occasionally serve as a proposal review panelist for the National Science Foundation's Networking Technology and Systems program.

Some things I used to do:

  • Lead Organizer for the GNU Radio Conference.
  • Product Management for Ettus Research's software products. Prior to that, I ran the R&D organization, and prior to that I hacked on new software radio products as a staff engineer.
  • Work on software radio architectures and heterogeneous computing as a grad student at The Hume Center for National Security and Technology.
  • Contribute to the OSSIE project, which was forked to become the REDHAWK project, as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech.

About this Site

As the tagline reads, this is my personal blog. There isn't much of an over-arching theme other than being my soapbox.

The site itself has been through a number of iterations, going back to ~2007 when I self-hosted it on a VPS with Wordpress. It is now hosted by the Ghost Blogging Platform.

Note that I do use referral links in some posts to help cover the cost of the site. So far, I have made precisely zero dollars doing this, but who knows, maybe one day I'll earn enough to at least buy a pint.

I Am Not A Lawyer

If you ended up here, it's likely because I'm providing a disclaimer in a post. Namely, that I'm not a lawyer. I have absolutely no law background, and you really shouldn't trust anything I say regarding legal matters.

I did read a bit of state legal code, once. It was awful, but I did manage to get myself out of that traffic ticket, so, I suppose it was worth it. Maybe.

Anyway, you should definitely consult a lawyer if you have any actual questions.

Secure Comms

You can find my public PGP key here: https://bhilburn.org/pgp-key/

You can also find me on Keybase: https://keybase.io/bhilburn