Copyright Release Template for Podcasters

I'm in the process of launching a new podcast, Signals & Bits, which has been an absolute blast to put together. One of the things that hasn't been quite so fun, though, is drafting a copyright release agreement for guests on my podcast.

There are some templates available online for podcasters, but I didn't care for any of them - many are written in extreme legalese and are very aggressive in their phrasing. Further, I couldn't find any that actually had provisions for some of the special cases I need (i.e., an employee of the US government). So, with a bit of help, I created a new one. This has now been reviewed and executed by a number of organizations, including large public companies, academic institutions, and federal employees, and I feel happy with it.

Since finding a suitable agreement was a problem for me, I'm sure it is for many others, as well. So, I'm releasing a templated version of my agreement under the CC0-1.0 License. You can download the template files here:

I recommend you brand the template with your Podcast, remove my license statement, and replace it with some intro text for the guests you will be sending this to. Here is what the template looks like when customized (this is what I send to guests of Signals & Bits):

As usual for such things, all the usual disclaimers apply. Not only am I not your lawyer, but I'm not a lawyer at all! You assume all liability for using this agreement or any part of it (as stated in the CC0 license), and so on.

I hope this is useful to other podcasters out there, and please feel free to send me questions or comments! If there are ever revisions, I'll update this post and update the files, as well.

Happy podcasting!

Ben Hilburn

Ben Hilburn

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