Speaking & Appearances

If you're looking for the slides or recording from a public talk, panel appearance, podcast interview, etc., that I've given then you're in the right place. I try to collect them all here for anyone (usually me) that tries to find them later.

I do not post the slides used for non-public presentations or talks given internally within an organization. As it turns out, that's the vast majority of the talks I have given to date. If you're looking for the slides from a non-public talk, shoot me an e-mail and I'll see if I can't find them for you =)


IEEE ComSoc ICC 2021 - Panelist, "Meet the Engineers"


NITRD WSRD IWG Mini-Workshop on 5G Software, Use and Practice

NSF Workshop on Wireless, Spectrum, and Innovation - Discussion Panelist, Emerging data-centric methods in wireless spectrum sensing, sharing, and access

DARPA SC2 Championship - Co-Host / Subject Matter Expert - Final Event Recording at GSMA MWC'19

DARPA SC2 PE2 - Extended Highlights

DARPA SC2 PE2 - Promo Featuring PE2

GRCon19 - Keynote: "GNU Radio Project Update" -- Slides

GRCon19 - Tech Talk: "Open Source Licensing" -- Slides

GRCon19 - Tech Talk: "SigMF." -- Slides

Scanner School Guest - Podcast: "The Building Blocks of SDR – GNU Radio"

Hanselminutes Guest - Podcast: "The magic of Software Defined Radio with Ben Hilburn"

DARPA SC2 PE2 - Emcee / Subject Matter Expert

FOSDEM 2019 - Talk: "libsigmf: Human Tools for Extra-Terrestrial and AI Radios" -- Recording

NVIDIA GTC Silicon Valley 2019 - Tech Talk: "Machine Learning for Radio Communications with TensorRT and Xavier"

NVIDIA GTC DC 2018 - Tech Talk: "Deep Learning for RF Sensing and Learned Communications"

GRCon18 - Keynote: "GNU Radio Project Update"

GRCon18 - Workshop: "Open Source Licensing Workshop"

GRCon18 - Workgroup: "SigMF Breakout Session"

ISART 2018 - Talk & Panel: "Preparing the Road: Recent advances in infrastructure"

NVIDIA GTC Silicon Valley 2018 - Tech Talk: "Designing Wireless Systems with Deep Learning - An Autoencoder-Based Approach to PHY Layer Design" -- Blog Post

DARPA Hackfest - Keynote: "Welcome to Software Defined Radio" -- Blog Post -- Slides

GRCon17 - Keynote: "GNU Radio Update" -- Recording -- Slides

GRCon17 - Talk: "SigMF: The Signal Metadata Format" -- Recording -- Slides

GRCon17 - Tutorial: "A Crash Course in Software Licensing"

GRCon17 - Panel Moderator: "Open Source from the Federal Government's Perspective" -- Recording

HACKtheMACHINE 2017 - Talk: "Open-Source SDR"

IEEE DySPAN 2017 - Talk: "Intro to SigMF"

FOSDEM 2017 - Talk: "GNU Radio Project Intro & Update" -- Slides -- Recording

FOSDEM 2017 - Panel: "SDR Panel: Which are the top 3 challenges for free software radio?" -- Recording

GRCon16 - Keynote: "GNU Radio Update" -- Slides

GRCon16 - Tutorial: "Welcome to GNU Radio" -- Recording -- Slides

Wireless Innovation Forum 2016 - Talk: "Software Radio Tools"

GRCon15 - Tech Talk: "Building Software Radios" -- Recording -- Slides

Wireless@VT Symposium 2015 - Tutorial: "FOSS SDR" -- Blog Post -- Slides

Wireless@VT Symposium 2014 - Tutorial: "SDR Evolution: In and Out of the Lab" -- Abstract

Wireless@VT Symposium 2013 - Tutorial: "Intro to Software-Defined Radio"

Earlier Talks

Going further back, most of my talks were research presentations at IEEE conferences. Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of keeping track of them or the slidedecks I used. If you're looking for something in particular, shoot me an e-mail. At the very least, I might be able to point you to a paper.