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My Vim Plugin List

I use a pretty large list of Vim plugins - currently, the count is at 45. I went through a lot of these as part of this post last year, but the list has changed a bit since then. Using My Configuration Using git, you can easily download my full…
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powerlevel9k - An Oh-My-Zsh Theme

Update: This post is out-of-date. Please head over to the newest post for Powerlevel9k, here. Original post: Powerline-Inspired OMZSH Themes About two years ago, I made the 'hackersaurus' theme for oh-my-zsh. It still suits my purposes very well - it looks decent, and provides exactly what I need / want. That…
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Rainbow Parentheses in Vim

Vim doesn't support rainbow parentheses highlighting, out-of-the-box, for anything except Lisp. Rainbow highlighting is pretty awesome though, so if you want it for something like C or C++, a plugin is your best option. I had been using kien's plugin for the last few years, and was generally happy with…
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