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Workplace Sabotage

I recently stumbled across a declassified field manual first published by the Office of Strategic Services (the precursor to the CIA) in 1944. The manual describes simple methods that everyday citizens can use to sabotage and demoralize the enemy's war effort. It's a relatively short field manual, and you can…
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Halt and Goto Meeting

As a company grows, protecting the time of its employees becomes a perplexing problem. Bizarrely, almost everyone I know that isn't at a start-up doesn't seem to have enough time at work to actually do work. Their schedules become filled with staff meetings, project update meetings, hiring meetings, planning meetings,…
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Taking Over GNU Radio

Today we announced a big change in leadership for GNU Radio. Tom Rondeau, who has led GNU Radio for the last 5+ years, is stepping down and will be taking a position at DARPA as a Program Manager. DARPA is an amazing place to be, and we are all really…
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