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Open Source Munitions

Let's start with a short Q&A that might surprise you! Q1: You write a nifty program and share it with someone on the Internet. Is it possible for the government to show up at your door and charge you with the felony of sharing classified information? A1: Nope!…
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When I started Powerlevel9k on the evening of December 4th in 2014, my goal wasn't to create a large project, but really just to create a highly customized ZSH prompt with some features I couldn't find elsewhere. Looking back on it, this commit message is now pretty comical: A few…
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Winning the Open Source Battle

Last month, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Acquisition Officer of the United States released Memo M-16-21, titled "Federal Source Code Policy: Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software". This memo establishes a software policy for the Federal Government that not only encourages the…
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