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Forward Steps for GNU Radio

Introduction I just returned from the third annual GNU Radio Conference, which was, as always, a really great experience. The project has grown considerably in the last 5-6 years, and more and more people are using GNU Radio for more and more impressive things. Juha's use of Ettus Research USRPs…
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Stop Being Scared of Vim

Introduction Vim's reputation is that it is extremely powerful once you learn it, but the learning curve is so steep, it's essentially a discontinuity. This is obviously hyperbole, but I would say it's more exaggeration than truth. Vim is certainly harder to learn compared to popular mouse-driven editors like Microsoft…
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At the GNU Radio Hackfest that took place at Virginia Tech in early June, a few developers introduced a cool new project they had been working on called "PyBOMBS". It has since been announced on the GNU Radio list, and more people are beginning to experiment with it. There is…
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