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Installing REDHAWK on Fedora 24

At GRCon16 last month, there were a number of discussions about deploying GNU Radio applications to REDHAWK networks. REDHAWK has a lot of very compelling features, especially in the management & provisioning of network-attached SDR resources, application management, and data stream control. [I actually worked on the predecessor to REDHAWK,…
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Installing GNU Radio on CentOS 6.8

It's not terribly uncommon for someone to e-mail the GNU Radio mailing list, discuss-gnuradio, asking for help getting GNU Radio running in CentOS. CentOS is known for its long maintenance periods, which makes it a favorite flavor of Linux in enterprise environments. CentOS 6, for example, was first released in…
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Winning the Open Source Battle

Last month, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Acquisition Officer of the United States released Memo M-16-21, titled "Federal Source Code Policy: Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software". This memo establishes a software policy for the Federal Government that not only encourages the…
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