The HokieTux Oh-My-Zsh Theme

[N.B. The hokietux theme has since been renamed to hackersaurus and lives in its own Github repo, which you can find here]

I'm a huge fan of the ZSH shell, and have been using it for years. Robby Russell's incredible oh-my-zsh configuration system is an awesome way to configure and use ZSH, and it comes with a slew of awesome themes, out-of-the-box.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a theme that suited my needs. I wanted the prompt to include as much useful git information as possible, but in a concise manner. I also wanted the command history number, time the last command was executed, and its return status. Lastly, I wanted a display of the current directory, but not of my username or hostname. It's pretty rare that I don't know what my user / host is - I certainly don't need it on every single prompt.

I took some of the design of existing themes, and cobbled together my own. Here is a quick peek at what it looks like:

HokieTux Oh-My-Zsh Theme

It's a small screenshot, but you can see most of what I mentioned above. There are icons for the various git status (clean / changes, untracked file, modified, deleted, added, and relation to tracked remote). If the previous command returned anything other than success (0), it is shown in red on the prompt line.

Obviously, if you aren't in a git tree, it just shows you the current directory and items on the right side.

For now, it only has special features for Git. I'm starting to look into learning Ruby more, so I might add some of the Ruby plugin stuff from oh-my-zsh to it before too long.

I submitted a pull request to Robby's mainline oh-my-zsh distribution in case he is interested in pulling it in. If you want to use it, you can find it here!

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