Using Octopress as a Web Programming n00b

Well, it has taken me a couple of days, but I finally have this blog's Octopress
configuration to the point that I'm going to leave it be for a bit... I think.

There are a number of things I really, really like about Octopress. Some

  • Posts are written and stored in plaintext (markdown), rather than in in SQL
    database. I suffered so many MySQL issues when running a WordPress blog that
    I decided I would never host my own again.
  • Writing things in Markdown, so far, is really awesome. It's intuitive,
    especially if you are a programmer and enjoy using your editor-of-choice (for
    me, that's ViM).
  • I get to do everything from a terminal on my local system, and just push to
    Github to publish.

That said, getting it configured to the point that I'm happy with it has been
rather painful. I'm just now teaching myself Javascript, jQuery, and Ruby (I've
decided that knowing nothing about Web Programming just doesn't make sense
anymore) - but I'm still at the "I need to look at an example to make a very
simple site"-stage... and the Jekyll / Octopress setup is obviously way more
complex than that. Attempting to parse the errors that get dumped from an
attempted build is nearly as confusing as trying to figure out a C++ compiler
error when you are using some Boost macro that is actually like 200 nested

There also appear to be a few bugs in Octopress still hanging around...
especially with the Liquid parser.

I'm sticking with the default theme for now. I experimented with a couple of
others, only to discover that attempted to modify them was nearly impossible
(one looked really awesome, but the CSS file was hundreds of lines worth of
code, compressed INTO A SINGLE LINE). That was awesome.

So, everything is working to the point that it builds and looks okay. I'll
consider putting some more time into things if I manage to keep the blog going
rather than let it die after a few months, hah.

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